Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Adventures

Happy Almost-Spring! I've been busy redoing the shop the past month and a half. So many lovely new things! I'm having more fun than ever doing displays.

Sweet velvet bunnies.

Flowery basket nests.

Sparkly chocolate-mold bunnies.

More from my new little nook.

Our Ophelia dress form wine bottle holder is sporting the latest spring fashion...a wreath around your neck. Don't try this at home, I doubt it is comfortable.

Paper bunnies just like the olden days.

Bird-on-a-stick. (Really a yard stake.)

The view from the front door.

My new display nook in the front. More about that later in this post!

I love this fountain. I've wanted one in the store for ages and finally found this sweet fairy one! I love the sound of splashing water.

Chocolate bunnies.

Sweet little bunny with velvet violets.


Vintage bird print.

Mini postcards for your Easter tree.

Eggs eggs eggs!

Vintage ceramic birdie, love her sweet eyelashes!

Handmade pink birdie wreath.

I always miss photographing the back of the store, for some reason. (Hmn, usually because I think it's a mess? Ha.) Here is a little seashore display I did last week.

Let them eat cake!

Fabulous vintage gold cherub mirror. I have my eye on it, so hurry.

Red, black, and loooooooovvvvvvvvveeeee.

Vintage swan planter. Those roses are to die for!

Love me some vintage teacups.

Squeal-worthy vintage lovelies.

I was struggling with displays for a while and where to put all the new spring things, plus the stuff from the second shop. I didn't know what to do with it all. But one day I came in to the shop, and there was a note from Lady Frivvie, our window mannequin. She was gone! Her note said she eloped with Lord McDuff. Oh dear. I am worried for the poor girl. She didn't even give me a two week notice, either. Humph. I think Lord McDuff is a cad, and she should've come to her senses after all these years of his shenanigans, but a girl in love...what can you do? I think she's lost her head!

At any rate, I now have reclaimed her little 'room' in the front of the store, and it solved my decorating dilemmas! So thank you Lady Friv, wherever you went off to. How about a postcard at least for the gal who paid for your place all these years, huh?! And let you keep your pet crow and toad around! I will let you know if I hear from her!

I am relishing the spring light that is coming through with the lace curtain down, though:

Plus I have the whole ledge to decorate. Nothing thrills me like more real estate to decorate!

2010 is off to an extremely interesting start. I have a feeling this is going to be a year of many BIG developments. I've already been on quite the roller coaster ride! It's all good!

Penny and Nokie are right there with me on the ride...

Miss Penleope turned 1 year old on February my baby! Here she is in her pink birthday sweater. The cuteness kills me!!! Look at those wrinkles!

Nokie's birthday is coming up next Tuesday. I bought him a huge stuffed snake to play with, I can't wait to see the look on their faces when they get a load of that. They LOVE their stuffed toys, and have a veritable zoo of creatures.

Here they are on their fancy 'kitchen bed'. I ordered that for the store five years ago, but could never bear to put it out for sale, hoping one day it would be for my pug "Vinnie". Well, "Vinnie" turned into "Penny", (and Nokie!) and they love that bed so much--I'm so glad I kept it!

So there's my shopping lesson for the day: BUY WHAT YOU LIKE WHEN YOU SEE IT. Who cares if you don't know what to do with it at the moment. If you like it, you will find a place for it!