Thursday, October 22, 2009

Talk first, pictures next!

Hi there, abandoned blog! Anyone still out there? Gosh, this always happens with me! I am the queen of unfinished projects! Of course I always have the best intentions of blogging, but I always get distracted.

So it's been almost two months since my last post, what I have been doing around the shop lately? Well, as I left you hanging with my 'big news', what I decided to do back in August is change shop #2, aka The Whatever Shop, into a home staging studio. I am moving all retail biz to Frivolities, and expanding there! Yes, I am going to open up a SECRET ROOM in November, possibly Black Friday, or earlier, if I can get it all done.

I have taken down the sign at Whatever, which of course, is putting people a-buzz! No, no, it's not doomsday. As small towns are wont to do, the gossip is flowing. And that has me addressing it all here to clear it up. I simply did not need TWO stores, while trying to run my staging business out of a cramped little office in one of them. I never meant to have two stores, and I like it much better having things separate. The worst part for me with the two stores was deciding which 'child' got the new toys. Or having something in one store that I really needed in another. Or people just being so confused by which was which that it got tiring explaining over and over.

So...the Central Street house is still my business it's just not retail. Easy, right? Yeah!

Pretty soon there will be a sign up that says STELLAR INTERIORS. I am still deciding on the layout of it. I am going to stage the house and use that as the office for my staging. I am also setting up an art studio in the back for my wholesale biz, which is not really going to get going until January. I have had an office/art room in the SECRET ROOM at Frivolities and all that is getting moved over there to make room for MORE retail space at Frivs. Whoopee!

And that was my big news. I first had that idea in June 2008! But I got busy and just got lulled into the status quo of two stores. One day in August my brain exploded and I just had to change everything. That's how I roll.

Time for Gratuitous Pug Photo:

What an angel!

Do not be deceived...I bought her a shirt for Halloween that says "LITTLE TERROR", ha ha!

I have loads of fall and Halloween shop photos on my home computer, and I will tie a string around my pinky to remember to post those tonight!

October has gone by ridiculously fast! Less than two weeks until we break out the Christmas around here!

Thanks for reading, if you still are!

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thevintagewindow said...

Hi Friv! Have been waiting on your post. Keep us informed on the change.